Glue, cleanser, remover, primer - these are essential lash supplies to every professional lash technician. Lash Boss Melbourne has a high customer return rate on our lash glues. Our 1-2 second drying glue has been our best-selling product for one very simple reason - it works! Our lash glue has an ultra-strong formula, minimal fumes, and an exceptionally high level of retention. 

As strong as our lash glue is, our remover is its perfect counterpart. The gel remover dissolves and removes lash glue effectively - lashes simply glide off within minutes. 

An important part of lash retention is working with an ideal foundation. Our lash primer is the first step towards a strong, healthy set of eyelash extensions. Primer cleans and preps the natural lashes for the lash glue to set without the interference of any oils or make-up residue. 

Our cleanser is the final step to retention and great-looking lashes. Keep lashes clean with our lash cleanser and using a mascara wand daily. Brushing lashes daily keeps them straight, untangled, and clean. Not cleaning lashes puts eyes at risk of infection and irritation due to dust and bacteria. Consider a cleanser and a clean mascara wand to avoid any pain or itchiness!