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Lash Boss Melbourne has helped many lash technicians become lash trainers and educators. We walk students through all the steps to obtain a lash trainers certification. We offer lifetime support for any of our courses, ensuring every student has the best opportunity to successfully learn and start their own business. Our courses have no expiry, so they can be done around your work and life commitments. We cover every aspect of lash educator training in detail and answer any questions.

Lash Boss Melbourne is now offering an eyelash extension Educator Course for those wanting to take their lash business to the next level. This course is available Australia-wide. Not only will you learn with our Lash Boss Melbourne director Ayla Akyol, but you'll also be learning from one of the leading lash academies in Australia. 

In this course, you'll have the option to do 3 zoom sessions or an in-person class at our Chadstone office.

In this course you will receive: 

  • A template to create your own lash course in both Classic & Volume 
  • Marketing material to assist in promoting your course
  • A large kit of Lash Boss Melbourne lash products (see supplies list below)
  • A class itinerary to apply to your own course 
  • Industry legislation 
  • Lash insurance information 
  • A breakdown of each key component of your lash course 
  • How to deal with struggling learners 
  • Sourcing lash suppliers
  • A certificate of registration to the Lash Boss Melbourne Education association 
  • Mentorship that never expires, via phone, email, SMS and live chat
  • Business advice 
  • 3 zoom sessions or 1 in-person class at our Chadstone office
  • Review and feedback of your manuals (Classic and Volume)

Supplies included in this course:

  • 20 Practice lashes
  • Lash Boss Melbourne's lash extension trays (Classic lash extensions and/or Volume lash extensions depending on the package. Hand-made lashes will be provided as well as pre-made lashes for the volume course)
  • Lash Boss Melbourne's glue/adhesive 1-2 seconds
  • Lash Boss Melbourne's primer
  • Lash Boss Melbourne's glue remover
  • Adhesive silver stickers
  • Mascara wands
  • Micro swabs
  • Jade stone
  • A set of our Lash Boss Melbourne stainless steel professional lash tweezers
  • Clear micropore medical tape
  • Gel under-eye pads in purple (clean ingredients to ensure clients are less likely to have a reaction
  • Black air puffer
  • Lash Boss Melbourne box

Does this course have any prerequisites?

  • Completed both Classic and Volume with any qualified eyelash extension academy (does not have to be completed through Lash Boss Melbourne)
  • A minimum of 2 years working in the lash industry (either self-employed or employed)
  • Must be confident in classic, hybrid, and volume lashes, and confident in eye shapes, lash styling and lash mapping

What is a lash educator
A lash trainer or lash educator is, in simple terms, an instructor that teaches existing lash technicians to be lash educators of their own. It is an advanced course only for fully certified and qualified lash technicians who have been in the industry for at least 2 years. Experience in applying eyelash extensions is paramount, as this hands on experience is brought to the training room to teach other lash technicians. 

Is there further training involved?
Becoming a lash educator is a bit of work and there is further training involved. Essentially, training to be an educator requires a course with some very important guidelines. Topics that are generally covered in a lash educator course may include insurance, health and safety, setting up a training room, hiring staff, learning material (video tutorials and physical manuals), additional equipment for the training room, and workplace responsibilities. 

How easy or hard is the course?
The complexity of the lash trainer course will depending heavily on your level of industry knowledge and experience. The course does require you to create content for your course including your classic and volume lash manuals or online material. The educator course can be timely as supplies need to be sourced for your students, equipment needs to be purchased, your training room setup, and having learning material at industry standard and approved by your course educator. 

What’s needed to be a lash trainer?
Basic equipment your lash room should be fitted with include; a lash bed, lash light, comfortable and ergonomic chair, extra supplies if necessary, rubbish bin for keeping your area tidy and safe, sterilising station for tweezers and other sensitive tools, a first aid kit.

Do you offer any discounts on this course?
We offer discounts on this course for group bookings of more than one student. If you and a friend or colleague wish to do an educator course with Lash Boss Melbourne, please get in contact via phone or email to discuss available offers. Offers range from $300 to $400 off each course depending on number of students. Classes for educator courses are generally one-on-one or private bookings of up to 5 students. 

This course is strictly non-refundable.

To find out more about Lash Boss Melbourne courses, classes or products feel free phone us, message through live-chat, email, or reach out here.

Customer Reviews

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Natalie Ennor
Perfect Lash Educator Course

I have been a lash technician for approximately two years before starting this course. I completed the lash trainer course with Lash Boss Melbourne early 2022. I am so happy with the results. Ayla walked me through all the steps from making my manuals to certification. I realised I needed to up my insurance policy which was so important. Whenever I had questions about anything I would call Ayla she was always quick to respond. I have taken my business to a higher level and I'm so happy with my growth. Thank you Ayla you've changed my business for the better, cannot recommend enough. Nat Ennor, xo

Sarah Senysyn
Well worth it!

Such a great course I completed with Ayla during lockdown. She was so helpful and always got back to me promptly. The course is very thorough. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to take their lashing career to the next level. Thank you so much xx Sarah