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If you have thought about becoming a Qualified Eyelash Extension Technician, there has never been a better time! According to an ABC News report, the lash industry is expected to become a $1.5 Billion industry by 2023. In 2020, despite Covid-19 hitting many states and countries around the world, the lash extension industry showed no signs of slowing down.

An eyelash extension business is one of the most rewarding at-home businesses. The lash industry is unique for many reasons. Lash extension technicians are irreplaceable by machines, a lash business requires a very low start-up cost, has a high job satisfaction rate, requires no age limit, and offers great flexibility whether you are working full-time, studying, or are a stay at home mum. Our lash extension courses do not require any previous qualifications or experience in lash extensions for you to start your lash training. At the end of your lash training course with Lash Boss Melbourne, you will be a fully qualified Eyelash Extension Technician. You could be qualified to apply lash extensions within just 2 days. 

Lash Boss Melbourne has an amazing opportunity for anyone that has ever wanted to be in the lash extension industry. We are currently offering lash training manuals and student lash kits to be sent to your home, where you can study, practice, and get qualified without the need for a class. These packages are under our at-home lash courses.

This course comes with FREE email, live chat, SMS and phone support when needed. We are here to assist you in any way we can to help set up and assist in making your business flourish. This might mean helping you find a beauty space, dealing with clients or even how to have your own lash cleansers. We are here to create a long lasting relationship and be your mentor. 
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Lash Boss Melbourne is fully insured and meets the Australian Government Assessment Requirements for Application and Training of Eyelash Extensions.