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Are eyelash extensions sticking to your tweezers? Eyelash extensions not bonding to your client's lashes? The issue could be your eyelash extension tweezers! While they may look clean, tweezers can hold dust and debris, particles of makeup, oil, and residue from your lash glue. Make your eyelash extension applications precise, faster, easier, and minimise wasting eyelash extensions. 

Introducing our eyelash extension tweezer cleaner, the perfect tool to keep your eyelash extension tweezers in pristine condition. Our tweezer cleaner is designed to remove any adhesive residue and possible oils from your eyelash extension tweezers, ensuring they remain clean, hygienic, and ready for your next eyelash extension application. 


Our tweezer cleaner is made from high-quality ingredients that are gentle on your eyelash extension tweezers, so you can use it frequently without worrying about damaging your lash tweezers. It's also effortless to use - simply dip your tweezers into the tweezer cleaner, and wipe them clean with our adhesive wipes. 

Not only does our eyelash extension tweezer cleaner keep your tweezers in top condition, but it also helps to prolong their lifespan, saving you money in the long run. Look after your eyelash extension tweezers so they can look after you! Plus, it's a must-have for any eyelash extension artist or beauty enthusiast who wants to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and precision. 

Invest in our eyelash extension tweezer cleaner today and take the first step towards ensuring your tweezers are always in excellent condition. Click here to view our adhesive wipes - available in packs of 200 wipes!

20mL solution that includes cleansing sponges inside the bottle. Simply dip, cleanse, wipe and use.

Click here to view our adhesive wipes

Customer Reviews

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Jacqui O
Friendly, informative, patient

I found the class jam packed full of information. I did the hybrid and classic extension classes and I found the 1:1 help to be above and beyond. I don’t think I could have done it at home without all the help I received. I definitely left feeling like a better technician. I also loved the location!

Lily Barak

The best thing to clean and sanitise tweezers. I use these before every application and my sets are so much quicker. They clean easily and quickly the glue just wipes off the tweezers. Holding fans and single lashes with the tweezers are a lot easier and more precise. Recommend 100%