Lash Boss Melbourne's Lash Glue Remover

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Lash Boss Melbourne’s eyelash extension and adhesive remover is a high-quality product designed for professional eyelash extension technicians to safely and efficiently remove eyelash extensions and lash glue from their clients. This specialised product is formulated by us with a gel and cream-like consistency that allows for easy and precise removal, making it ideal for use in professional eyelash extension salons and settings. A removal is sometimes required to remove old eyelash extensions, in preparation for a new, clean, fresh eyelash extension set. Don’t take ages removing an old set of eyelash extensions - make way for a beautiful-looking set of eyelash extensions fast with our lash glue and eyelash extension remover. 


This eyelash extension and lash adhesive remover is specifically designed to break down the adhesive bond between the eyelash extension, lash glue, and the natural lash - without damaging the natural lashes. It is gentle, non-toxic, fume-free, and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and irritable skin. Like all products, always conduct a patch test. 


The glue remover formulation is easy to apply to eyelash extensions with a micro brush or applicator wand. It stays in place without running or dripping, which ensures a safe and precise removal process of eyelash extensions. This product also provides easy cleanup! 


Our Lash Boss Melbourne eyelash extension and lash glue remover is a must-have product for professional eyelash extension technicians who want to provide a safe and efficient eyelash extension removal service to their clients. This product saves time and ensures a smooth and seamless removal process, leaving clients with healthy and beautiful natural eyelashes. It is essential for any eyelash extension professional who wants to maintain the integrity of their clients' natural eyelashes while delivering high-quality services.

Size: 15mL