Disposable Micro Brushes - Applicators

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Micro brushes are small, disposable applicators that are designed for precise and controlled application of liquids or gels. They are commonly used in the beauty industry for a variety of purposes, most commonly for cleaning and priming eyelash extensions, or applying remover to an old eyelash extension set.


Our micro brushes are made of soft, flexible, lint-free fibres that hold liquids effectively. They are designed to be disposable to ensure hygiene and avoid cross-contamination between clients.


The tip of the micro brush is tapered and pointed, allowing for the most precise and accurate application of liquids in between and around single eyelashes. They are ideal for applying small amounts of primer, remover and cleanser (Ayla confirm) with accuracy and control. Micro brushes can also be used to assist in isolating natural eyelashes during an eyelash extension application.


Micro brushes are an essential accessory for any eyelash extension professional who requires precision and accuracy in their eyelash extension applications, and demands a hygienic and sanitary environment for their lash salon.



  • Material: PVC and lint-free fibre
  • Quantity: 100 Pcs
  • Length: 10cm
  • Tip diameter: 1.5mm