Disposable Glue Rings

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Disposable glue rings are small, plastic rings that are designed to hold eyelash extension adhesive during an eyelash extension application. They are worn on the fingers.

Our disposable glue rings come in a pack of 20, 50 or 100 units, ensuring that eyelash extension technicians have a fresh and clean ring to use for each client. 

The glue ring is designed to be disposable, making it a hygienic and safe option for eyelash extension application. No more stubborn jade stone cleaning! The glue rings also ensure that there is no cross-contamination between clients, and the eyelash extension technician can maintain the highest level of hygiene and safety.

The glue ring's small size and lightweight design make it easy to use during the eyelash extension application process. This allows the eyelash extension technician to apply the lash adhesive with precision and control.

Disposable glue rings are an essential tool for any eyelash extension technician who wants to provide a high-quality, professional service to their clients. They are hygienic, convenient, and easy to use. Consider using disposable glue rings for eyelash extension application. 

Our glue rings fit any size due to its flexibility. Just dip and swipe the eyelash extension for a pointy base, making your application look clean, precise and impeccable. Professional use only, glue is a harsh and strong chemical that can spill, causing accidents and unwanted adhesion. We recommend practising on a mannequin first.



  • Quantities of 20, 50 & 100
  • Quick and easy, no mess to clean up
  • Used to hold glue, remover, or lash primer
  • Fits most ring sizes due to flexibility

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