Keeping your eyelash extensions healthy

Keeping your eyelash extensions healthy

Here are 5 great tips for keeping your natural eyelashes and lash extensions healthy. Lash health is so important for lash extension retention and will ensure your extensions are always looking and feeling great.
  1. Use an eyelash comb or brush morning and night. Using a brush will help detangle extensions. Keep your lash extensions straight and avoid twisting caused by neglecting brushing. Get in the habit of brushing before and after bed. A lot of eye rub occurs during sleep, whether it’s your hands and arms or your pillow. If lashes are tangled, chances are they are ripping out your natural eyelashes, which is the most unhealthy treatment for your lashes.

  2. Keep your natural eyelashes and lash extensions clean regularly. Use a sensitive eyelash cleanser, removing oil and dirt build up without damaging the bond of the lash glue, lash extensions, or stripping your healthy skin oils. Our Lash Boss Melbourne cleanser will assist in achieving healthy eyelash health. Using a sensitive cleanser is preferred because most of the build up is removed without being too harsh for the eyelids and eyelashes. The eyes are the most sensitive area on a persons face, so choosing a good quality cleanser is highly regarded. Click here if you're looking for the perfect sensitive eyelash cleanser.

  3. Take breaks with makeup and false lashes. Most makeups, in particular eyeliners and mascaras, contain harsh chemicals which beautify yet damage our lashes. Taking a break is an important step in maintaining the health of our eyelashes. Removing makeup thoroughly and in a timely is a good way to avoid build up.

  4. Avoid plucking! Plucking extensions rip out your natural lashes. This is our biggest tip for maintaining the health of your eyelashes. “Natural lashes fall out in time anyway, so what’s the point?” Good question. The point is, pulling out your natural lashes prematurely can leave your lashes looking as patchy as Nans neglected lawn - with bald spots on your eyelids a high probability. If your lash extensions are no longer comfortable or are getting irritating, book an appointment with your lash tech to have them removed professionally. Your lash tech knows when you’re plucking them, because your next refill will comprise of her not being able to find enough natural lashes to complete the set.

  5. Eat a nutritious diet. Hair and eyelash health comes with eating a well balanced, nutritious diet. A balanced diet with a variety of vitamins and minerals is perfect. Skin, nails and hair (including eyebrows and eyelashes), require different oils to thrive. Consider nuts, seeds, avocados, fish, greens, beans, eggs, berries and superfoods when looking for a snack. These suggestions carry a variety of colourful foods containing important oils, acids, vitamins and minerals. Find out more about nutrition for hair health.

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