At-home study

Lash Boss Melbourne's eyelash extension at home course is a in-depth course that will teach you practical and theoretical skills to apply and remove a beautiful set of lashes. 

Our at-home eyelash extension course involves us sending you a manual and kit with step by step instructions on how to apply lash extensions. This course is perfect for those who wish to work in the lash industry either from home or for an established salon.

Lash Boss Melbourne's at home study option is perfect for our students Australia wide. You can have your course in as little as 2-3 days if you choose express shipping.

If you choose the option to study at home (especially if you don't live in Melbourne) there is no difference in our kit and manual compared to our in-person lash classes. The only difference is that you don't have an in-person (with an instructor) class.

Our objective is for you to be fully qualified in eyelash extension applications and open your very own lash business or lash salon from the comfort of your own home. Your lash extension business can start with yourself as the only lash technician and can be scalable to an extensive lash salon with many other lash technicians servicing hundreds of lash applications a month. 

In order to complete a lash course in Volume Lash Extensions, you must complete a Classic Lash Extension Course, or already have a Classic Lash Extension Certificate prior to starting a Volume Lash Extension Course. This is the only prerequisite Lash Boss Melbourne has with our classes. You do have the option to purchase them together to save some money.


Our at-home courses include:

  • In-depth lash training manual (Classic lash extensions or Volume lash extensions)
  • Student lash extension kit (All essential lash extension accessories and supplies for the application of approximately 20-40 clients)
  • Mannequin head
  • Practice lashes
  • Lash Boss Melbourne's lash extension trays
  • Lash Boss Melbourne's glue/adhesive
  • Lash Boss Melbourne's primer
  • Lash Boss Melbourne's glue remover
  • Marble lash tray organizer
  • Adhesive silver stickers
  • Mascara wands
  • Micro swabs
  • Jade stone
  • Lipstick wands
  • 2x professional lash tweezers
  • Micropore medical tape
  • Disposable glue rings
  • Gel under-eye pads
  • Large clear case 
  • Lash extension business guide 
  • Lash extension marketing plan

Lash Boss Melbourne training benefits:

  • Learn from our CEO's experience and expertise 
  • Lifetime student discount to Lash Boss Melbourne's products and other training options
  • A Certificate of Completion on Eyelash Extension Applications (Classic or Volume)
  • Ongoing support after the day of lash training
  • Ongoing mentorship about anything business and lash related 
  • We will share your business on our social media accounts to assist in building up exposure for you

Modules of our Classic & Volume lash extension courses:

  • History of eyelash extensions
  • The growth cycle of natural lashes and health
  • Curls and thicknesses
  • Lash adhesive safety
  • How to apply a full set - step by step
  • Refill lash applications
  • Eyelash extension removal
  • Client consultations
  • Product knowledge 
  • Lash artistry 
  • Lash salon
  • How to gain clientele
  • Business guide  
  • Reactions and allergies
  • Tips and tricks every lash technician needs to know
  • FAQ's

Completing a lash extension course with Lash Boss Melbourne will give you all the knowledge necessary to start your own business and salon. We provide the knowledge beyond what's necessary to apply eyelash extensions accurately, effectively, and most importantly, safely.

We ship Australia wide with free shipping on all courses. 

Afterpay is available on all Lash Courses & Training.

Lash Boss Melbourne is fully insured, and meets the Australian Government Assessment Requirements for Application and Training of Eyelash Extensions. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contacts us and we will be more than happy to discuss options or enquiries.