Your best marketing strategy - Word of mouth

Your best marketing strategy - Word of mouth

Let's face it, we love to talk. Within 5 minutes of catching up with your bestie and having your lashes done, having them look fresh and fluffy gets compliments and questions. “Who did your lashes?” Straight away a referral is made. That could be direct business advertising, making you another customer. Even if that person doesn’t turn into a customer, they have a good indication that you’re a great lash technician. They will recommend you to others, even not having been to your salon and getting lash extensions. 

Word of mouth referrals occur in natural conversation. Word of mouth can produce a ripple effect. A ripple effect, in basic terms, means one person tells another, that person will tell another, telling another and so on. You may have encountered the ripple effect, even by someone that hasn’t experienced the product or service. For example, a friend may recommend a blockbuster film that they haven’t even seen yet. Commenting: “I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard from a few people that it’s really good. It’s about…” Another example might be, “I had my hair done at the hairdresser down the road, I don’t mind it… But Shelly got her hair done around the corner and it looks so good.”

Part of our day to day talk with friends and family is to ask questions on what’s new and what we like. “Where is that T-Shirt is from? Who did your hair? Where are those sunnies from?” Study after study shows that 92% of consumers trust and take recommendations from friends and family over traditional and online advertising.

Like-minded people will also refer products, services, ideas and motivation to their network of similar thinkers. Think influencers… Their audience is following them for their lifestyle, goals, or way of thinking. If you’re a lash technician, following other lash technicians, for lash technician related material, chances are you’re paying attention to their content to learn from them or understand their take on the lash industry. Someone wanting to advertise lash supplies, lash courses or learning material, may consult an influencer with a lash tech background so they can refer the advertisement to their direct target market. The influencers’ audience trusts, respects, acknowledges and understands the influencers recommendation, as an expert in the field of applying eyelash extensions. 

Word of mouth is highly regarded as one of the most effective forms of direct marketing for its precision and success. Not only can it be easily executed, it’s also free! Ask your clients to write and post reviews on your outstanding lash applications, recommending their friends to your lash salon, therefore, generating business and getting clients for no cost whatsoever.  In a matter of months or even weeks, your lash business could flourish with word of mouth marketing.

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