Steps to become an eyelash extension technician – Yes, it’s that easy

Steps to become an eyelash extension technician – Yes, it’s that easy

Some girls dream of having their own lash business. Some girls wish to work in the lash industry. Some girls make it, and unfortunately for some, they think it’s too long or too hard of a process. We’re here to tell you that it’s time to be confident, and you can do this!

Being a lash technician involves three main steps. Purchasing supplies, doing a lash course, and finally, setting up a lash room – which can be done as a home salon – this is a great method for anyone starting their own business without having to commit to that daunting 6 or even 12 month lease. Lash Boss Melbourne makes the process of becoming a lash tech even easier with packages that include the course itself, and all the supplies you need to get your business running.

Start your learning and lashing experience off right with the best lash extension supplies. Owning good quality lash accessories, lash trays and equipment will excel your learning by providing precision in your work. Many people fall into the trap of purchasing poor quality supplies (not necessarily cheap), which makes their work look inaccurate or rushed. Lash Boss Melbourne provides students and other lash technicians with one of the highest quality range of lash supplies in Australia. All of our products have been tested for quality, and all our clients and customers will agree. Our supplies have been hand selected for the only reason necessary, as mentioned earlier, which is precision.

Selecting the right course may be a worrisome thought – and rightfully so, as it’s the biggest and most important decision while starting your journey as a lash technician. Your lash trainer should be confident and knowledgeable in their field. Your course should make you feel confident in going on your way to start lashing customers of your own. The course should cover all health and safety aspects, do’s and don’ts. And you definitely need to feel comfortable with the company you’re choosing to educate you on eyelash extensions. Lash Boss Melbourne offers a lifetime support for students! This means that even if it’s been years since you’ve completed a course, you can still contact us for any questions lash related – we’d love to help, and hate for anyone to be left in the dark.

Now the fun part! Setting up your lash room or work area is probably the most exciting part of starting your lash business. This is where your creativity comes into play and your room can be as unique as YOU! The only thing left is to set up your lash bed, adjust your lash light and decorate the room the way you want it to be. It’s a great idea to have your lash supplies in a small chest of drawers beside you while working – everything is easily accessible while you work. Don’t forget, natural light is your best friend so consider a space close to a window. If good natural light is not an option in your room, fear not, as your lash light is designed to mimic the effect of natural daylight.

We hope this read has given you a lot of helpful insight into becoming a lash technician. If you need help understanding lash extension supplies, lash courses, lash room arrangements, or anything lash related at all, feel free to contact us through our website or Direct Message us on our social media pages.
If you’re interested in a lash course with us, click here to view our lash course and supplies packages. We hope to see you in our training room - with lots of support from our team to be on your way to becoming a lash technician soon!