How lockdown made my eyelash extension business thrive!

How lockdown made my eyelash extension business thrive!

"If you can't change something stop complaining and if you can change it then change it."

I'll never forget the day I found out Melbourne was heading into restrictions. It was a week before my son's first birthday. The next announcement was that all beauty salons would be forced to shut. I have always wanted to launch lash extension manuals and lash supplies kits that provided for an at-home learning experience. This was my chance to provide learning that was hands on, but contactless at the same time. Instead of thinking negatively about what was happening around the world (particularly Victoria), I saw it as an opportunity for my lash extension business to thrive online. As much as I love having a lash salon at home, when I was busy, I wasn't left with much time to work on other aspects of my business - until lockdowns and restrictions on businesses. The restrictions on lash and beauty salons gave me that little extra time to focus on marketing and selling online. 

I am so grateful that women trust me to guide and educate them. I can't believe the feeling of being able to help someone and send them off to support their family. Although I've read many blogs, watched a ton of YouTube videos, I've never had a mentor to guide me through the lash industry or my own lash business. I had the support from my friends and family and that's all that I needed to give me motivation and drive. I am very grateful and I will never take that for granted.

It's so amazing that in today's society entrepreneurship is celebrated. Becoming your own boss and having your own small business has become the trend and I LOVE it.

I guess what I would like you to take from this blog is that if you want to achieve something great, go for it - and work around the restrictions and obstacles that are thrown your way. By working towards it, a little each day, before you know it you will smash your goals. Set goals for yourself that are challenging yet achievable at the same time. You will build confidence in yourself with each target you reach - It's so important to be your own biggest fan. Be confident in who you are and what you've become. Get out of your own way and work on what is going to make you happy. Don't focus on what others will think. Don't compare yourself to others, and focus on building your own dreams and aspirations.

You can do it! If one person believes in you it's me!


Feel free to check out the Covid Safe lash courses and packages I created during lockdown here. Some have become best selling items on our website, particularly the at-home lash extension courses. These offer a fully qualified lash extension learning experience without the need to have a class. Classes are available to those who need further assistance now that restrictions have eased. 

Stay safe everyone!