Mascara Wands

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Mascara wands are an absolute must-have accessory for any eyelash extension technician as they are a required tool for preparing natural eyelashes before applying eyelash extensions.

Disposable mascara wands are popular among eyelash extension technicians as they are hygienic and prevent the spread of bacteria. They are also easy to use and dispose of, making them convenient for busy eyelash extension technicians. Our disposable mascara wands are made from high-quality synthetic nylon bristles, which prevent fraying, breaking off, or hurting your clients.

Mascara wands are perfect for separating and defining natural lashes before eyelash extension applications. Our straight mascara wands are suitable for brushing out clumps and for combing through the natural lashes. Once an eyelash extension application is complete, our mascara wands can be used to brush the extensions, making sure of no missed spots. It’s a great idea to offer your eyelash extension client’s our mascara to take home, so they’re able to brush daily, keeping their eyelash extensions clean, separated, and looking fresh.

A high-quality mascara wand can make a significant difference in the final result, ensuring that the lashes look natural, defined, singular, and well-groomed.

Our mascara wands are available in quantities of 50, 100 and 250